Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Me likey.

My first workout with miCoach after the Hot Chocolate Run did not feel easy. I had 5 minutes in the blue zone, 20 minutes green, and 5 in the again in the blue. I thought I was running too fast in the blue, but the UK lady was not letting me in on how I was doing. The coaching sounded different,  I wasn't receiving the information the same way I was with previous training. I thought perhaps I had fiddled with the settings, and screwed up some part of the audio coaching.

The outcome was that my phone didn't find a GPS signal before I started. So, no info. Damn. I was however, wearing my Magellan, and I was really surprised with my pace. I don't think I've ever achieved as fast a pace training before. 

This run was also after work. I couldn't get out this morning because of the rain. I usually run better in the morning.

I really have nothing else to say, except I'm so surprised at my results.

Magellan Data

P.S.  Magellan put my time at 26:13 at 3.1 miles. I beat my fastest 5k by 18 seconds today.

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