Thursday, December 13, 2012


I've been steadily feeling better. Decreased pain, increased range of motion in my neck and upper back. I've stopped taking ibuprofen. I was all set to get up and run early this morning.

But I could not open the kitchen door leading to the backyard.

I needed to go through my routine. Come downstairs, let the dog out, turn on the computer. Turn on the Keurig. Put dog food in the bowl. Fill the little plastic Keurig pod with coffee (I try not to buy the prepackaged pods anymore). Start the Keurig. Let the dog in. Add condiments to my coffee. Sit down at the computer, drink my coffee - head upstairs, get dressed to run - out the door 30 minutes after getting up.

But I couldn't open the kitchen door to let the dog out into the yard.

 I had to go put sneakers on, bring the dog around the house, open the gate, and let her in the yard that way.  Now my whole morning is off kilter. And of course, instead of continuing on with my regular routine, I spend an hour taking apart the door knob. It is very difficult to re-assemble said door knob when the door does not open. I had to tape the outside handle in place in order to screw in the handle on the inside. To facilitate that, I opened the window onto the deck so I could shorten the distance to the backyard. I must have looked ridiculous climbing in and out of the window with my PJ's on.

Now, the question was, do I run, continue to fiddle with the door knob, or run to Home Depot and buy another one? It took me another 30 minutes or so of fiddling, another 15 minutes to make the decision to run. Just do it, Celia. Forget the door. 

So, I ran. But my heart was not in it. All I kept thinking about was that freakin' door knob. "I'll have to look up 'door knob mechanism' when I get home." "Will I have time to run to Home Depot before my 10 am patient?" I decided I could probably do that if I ended the run early - I was having a hard time as it was staying in the green zone today. Forget about the yellow. You'll see the graph.

I got home, and the office texted me telling me to cancel my 11:00. I promptly called my 10:00 and asked if I could see her at 11:00. No problem! 
Off to Home Depot. Found the same door knob. Talked briefly with the aisle guy. He explained how it worked, and what he thought I should do. Got home, tried it - didn't work. I can't get a handyman down until the weekend. 

My HO HO is gonna be a HA HA - insufficient training because of, well, life getting in the way. I'm kind of relieved. I don't feel pressured for a PR this race. I'm giving myself a break. I'm just going to have fun. Maybe I'll even take some pictures this time!

Ok.. that's it. I've got to go back outside to bring the dog in.

32 degrees. Clear sky, no wind.

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