Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Easy does it..

Christmas morning I'm up before my daughter and her boyfriend. A cup of coffee, and I'm set to go. I fiddled more with Runmeter, fired up the Magellan and headed out, in my own neighborhood. It's so quiet. Empty. Solemn. 
I've got plans I'm sorting out in my head - how long do I have before they wake up? What am I making for breakfast? How much time do I need to finish the dish I'm bringing to my sister's at 2:30-3:00? Will the kids like their gifts?

Just run.

I felt tired. Great opportunity to take it easy. I took a different route, making sure to stay away from that steep incline/decline from a few days ago. I appreciated the new surroundings I ran on Sunday, and realized I really need to run more often in different places. This morning I mixed up my route locally, just going where my subconscious brain took me while I was thinking about other things. The weather was damp, but 38 degrees. Very agreeable. 

Three plus miles and a short cool down later, I walked back into the house. My daughter was up, getting ready to work out herself.

I uploaded the data, and here is what I saw.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays to all. 

Magellan Data
(inital date and time is incorrect because of a recently installed update)

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