Sunday, December 23, 2012

Double your pleasure, double your data.

Even though I said I wasn't going to splurge for the iPhone5, I did. I am a sucker for technology.

In my excitement of playing with all that is my first iPhone, including Runmeter, I didn't do my homework with the program the way I should have. I had Runmeter only partially set up when I went out for my run this morning. I did go to the neighborhood that is now my new favorite place to run. What a pleasure. The roads were smoother, less camber, less traffic, and for every 2 - 3 blocks there was only ONE stop sign. The neighborhood west was primarily old world Italian - and everyone, either walking their dogs or couples out for a stroll had Italian accents. And they were SO friendly. Smiles all around. It was a great experience. There was a breeze coming from the west, so for a while it was a tad uncomfortable.  I did not use MiCoach today, and I have to say, it was a very relaxing run. 
I started my Magellan watch, and then Runmeter. Tracy's voice  told me to start, so off I went at an easy pace. The sun was behind me warming my back. Delightful.

Somewhere after 2.5 miles, I lost my music. After I managed to restart it, Runmeter stopped announcing my stats. I was bummed, but the stopwatch Runmeter displayed was easy to read and I was getting my info visually instead.

I was planning on a nine mile run today, that would have been my newly formed route, three times around. But I was feeling poorly as I was making my way back to the beginning of the loop. And I started growing more frustrated at not being able to hear any of my stats. After 3 miles, I got back into my car. I was having a bit of an arrhythmia, which I get every so often - so I decided to take a short break, reset the program and go back out again. The windows inside the car started to steam up a bit - I was putting out quite a bit of heat, no doubt. I hydrated, left my gloves in the car, and started out again.  I had started to cool down a bit while in the car, so now, I had gone back out into the cold being wet with a lowered body temp. I was getting chilled and thinking about calling it quits, but I really needed to get in some miles. I had hoped that after the first mile I would start warming up again, and that's exactly what happened. For a month or so, I have only been running 5ks, and I knew my endurance was suffering. I went around for another 4 miles, and called it a day.

So, I have 2 separate data sets - 15 minutes apart. A total of 7+ miles. I'm happy. My heart rate, although a little fast even now,  8 hours later, is beating regularly.  So it's all good. I'm looking forward to running Christmas morning after gift giving and before going to my sister's house. 

Magellan Data, 1st run   Runmeter 1st run

Magellan Data, 2nd run  Runmeter 2nd run

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  1. Nice...congrats on the phone! Let me know what you REALLY think of it!


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