Thursday, July 4, 2013

Slow, steady gains, as they say in my line of work..

I've been out running twice since my last post. I'm hesitant to blog, because I can't tell from one run to the next how I'm going to feel, and I don't want to get all buoyant and happy, only to report during the next post that I crashed and burned again. I have to say though,  overall my experiences returning to running thus far are more positive than negative, and although I don't feel my endurance improving as quickly as I'd like, (I'm SO grateful for the 2 minute walks) I'm able to run longer before my calf starts to cramp up. The last run I did, 'round the 'hood - I thought I developed either a neuroma or a fracture on my LEFT foot, which led to an awkward experience walking back home. I gave it 2 days rest and used some Voltaren on it - and this morning my run was pain free.

I can say I definitely enjoy running on a track. Too bad all roads don't feel so forgiving. 

I was able to pick up my pace today. During my 5 minute runs, I was able get to mid to high 8's for most of them. I should have gotten down to the track earlier, because the heat and humidity were brutal.  But I needed to spend quite some time stretching before I left. I woke up with my right leg dragging behind me a little. Again.
There is no rhyme or reason to why or when this happens - usually I'm worse just getting up out of bed, and usually better by the end of the day. But not always. I'm making plans to get to the bottom of it.

I needed to cut the run short a little earlier this morning, as my right calf started to cramp up JUST a bit. I had only about 5 minutes to go, but I was not taking a chance. Nope.

I'm hoping to go down to the south shore Saturday morning and run along the water (where it might be cooler) and do a sloooow 6 miler. 

Have a healthy, safe and Happy 4th. God bless America.

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