Sunday, July 14, 2013

Playing catch-up, medical tests, and 'running royalty'

Between running around getting tests done, dealing with the anxiety of spending time with my high school graduating class for our 35th year reunion (our class likes to plan and celebrate - I'm sure they'll be another one before our 40th) - the heat, my computer running soooo slowly for some reason I still can't figure filthy car and house and no ambition to clean them, then my power going out in half of my kitchen, I really haven't had the desire to blog about the paltry amount of running I did on my 3 day weekend. At least Magellan has decided to upload workouts to the website again. After numerous attempts to get the company to upload the erroneous 2 workouts for me (I sent them the files), I've not heard anything.

Friday the 12th I got to the track early. It was overcast with a slight breeze, in the low 70's. Unfortunately, I was not feeling quite as able-bodied. I was tired. I changed up the program to a 7 min run/2 min walk x 5, and although it went well, I was not able to achieve the previous workouts pace. No cramping, no pain, so not worried.

After that, I had about 5 vials of blood taken from me. 

Friday night, there was a get-togther of some of my high school friends at a local bar to welcome the out of towners, and I thought that I would make an appearance there and forego the reunion. It seemed a lot less stressful. I'm pretty sure I've discussed my introversion and some of the problems dealing with it. As it turned out, I was more at ease than I was at our 30th, and with some persuasion from friends, made it to the 35th on Saturday night. It was the best. decision. ever. What the hell was I so afraid of?

But, after staying out way later than I should have Friday night (my intention was one drink and an hour stay) , then having to get up for a 7:30 am MRI appt Saturday, I was in no condition to do much of any thing resembling running. The MRI took about 1:20 because I had my entire spine done. Then I spent the majority of the morning poring over them with my limited medical knowledge of reading them. 

Looks like I have some herniations in my neck, but I've got no symptoms relating to those findings..

 Looks like a mighty fine thoracic spine..

And the BEST case scenario based on all the neuro symptoms I've been having over the last few years, is that they DO find something going on in my lumbar spine.

My sister had dropped by in the afternoon, and after she left I was really debating whether I had the fortitude to carry through with going to the reunion. As it turned out, I did, and I was so happy I did.

The members of our class from Bayville
The gentleman kneeling in the front is actually 'running royalty' as another classmate described him. More about that in another post..

I got to bed at about 1:30 last night, woke at 6:00 with a headache. I took an aspirin and some water and slept another hour. I got up, had a cuppa coffee, threw on some clothes and gear, and headed out into the heat and humidity like the silly person I am. I was suffering from the get go. Could. not. move. The sun shining brightly was making it feel even warmer. I called it quits after 2 miles. There was no reason to suffer, really.

I'm finally getting some cleaning done, I hope to get some food shopping done. It's a long work week as I'm working this coming Saturday. The weather is going to be seriously hot and humid again. We'll see how the training goes. 

Magellan Data 7/12/13
Runmeter Data 7/12/13

Magellan Data 7/14/13
Runmeter Data 7/14/13


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