Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Remaining grateful as I continue to test the waters..

I got out even earlier on Tuesday morning, because my first appointment was at 8:00 am. I went down to the track, and decided not to record the 5 minute walk warm up, so I would have a different perspective on my pace with the run/walk intervals. My initial intent was to increase the run time to 7 minutes instead of 5, and walk time to 2:30 instead of 2:00 - but because I had to be somewhere early, I decided to let that wait until later on in the week.

I was pleased with how I ran. 

Three quarters of the track was shaded this time, as the sun had not even risen high enough to make it over the majority of the tree-lined east side. It was also cooler and less humid, which made it all the more pleasant. I was stoked, and feeling good, although I still had some weird feeling of cold-wetness on the top of my right foot. 'No bother', I thought.  I tried to ignore it, as my ankle mechanics seemed unaffected.

I still yearned for those walk breaks, and as I look at the graph on Runmeter (Magellan STILL won't upload to the site) you can see how except for the first leg, I'm anticipating the end of the 5 minute runs by slowing down somewhat. I'm going to have to change that up soon. Don't want to develop any 'bad habits' !

I ended the run early. I couldn't stop thinking about being late for my first appointment, and it was counterproductive to the run. I just stopped. Abruptly. :)

No calf pain, but some tightness. It felt tight before I even got out of bed. I stretched my low back out before, and everything else after the run.

My overall pace was faster, and I had some pretty good values for the  'fastest pace per mile' too.

It looks like rain tomorrow and Friday morning, and I'm hoping it holds off. I'm off from work on Friday, but I have blood work planned for 9:00 am, (neurologist wants to rule stuff OUT) and I'd like to get a run in before that. The weather is acting downright tropical here on Long Island. I'm looking forward to cooler, dryer air.

Did ya hear that, Mother Nature?

Runmeter Data


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