Sunday, July 28, 2013

A new route in the humidity..

It was much more humid this morning, and for some reason, I couldn't keep my heart rate under 170, so I took frequent walk and picture breaks. I love running here..the houses are beautiful, there is plenty of wildlife, reasonable hills and very few cars.

 I think it was the humidity that made the run feel harder than it should have - or, maybe back to back runs.  I didn't stretch my back out before, so I was feeling it in my right adductor and quad.

Geese, rabbits, chipmunks, egrets, oh my!

Bridge house

The tide is going out!

My next scheduled run is Tuesday morning.

Magellan Data


  1. Looks like a beautiful route. I wish I could get to a waterfront area to run without driving. Humidity has much to do with with performance. Good article about that in Runner's World recently.

    1. I think I saw that article, but did not read it yet.
      Running by water gives me energy. I also like running the Wantagh bike path into Jones Beach.

  2. Nice to run with water around.

    We have had some humid days (well, for us) out here recently and my pace drops or my HR goes up. If the sun is shining on my skin, another 4-5bpm for sure.

    1. Paul, thanks for this info. I must read the Runner's World article as well.
      You are the king of heart rate control, as far as I'm concerned. I love looking at your data - it's amazing that you can keep your HR so low. I cannot find in your blog how you trained for that.

  3. Dear Petite Pacer:

    I have been reading your blog with interest, as I had a calf strain at the end of Feb which I am still struggling with. Similar to you, I make some progress, but usually end up with some pain after a run.

    Have you healed completely now? Anything you did seem to help? Good luck with your running, and health in general.



    1. GScott -
      Hi! Yes, my calf is healed, as far as I can tell. We still don't know if there was a 'tear' specifically, as I never had an MRI. But the chiro I was working with seemed to think I indeed had a small tear in the soleus. My feeling all along was that it must have been a neurologic issue that caused the re-injury over the course of the few months I was down with it, because I was able to alter the pain and tightness by the way I postured while walking. I found that when I stood straighter, and taller from my hips, the tightness in my calf would abate for the duration. It wasn't until I got down on the floor and stretched my back - did I start to get results. Then, I came across some articles that referred to studies saying that a majority of calf/quad/hamstring tightness (more so the calf)can be linked to neural issues. See my june 17th post from this year. Instead of the calf acting up, I get tightness in my adductor and quad and ant tibialis at times. I still feel it is because of some nerve root insult. The MRI for my spine was negative, but I did not get an xray which could show a bone spur or stenosis causing the problem.
      Thanks for your well wishes, and I hope you can resolve your calf issue. Please keep in touch and let me know.
      Best wishes to you,


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