Sunday, July 7, 2013

Look, ma.. no capris!

I don't think there is anyone more happier and hopeful than me right now.  I went back to the track today for a recovery run of sorts. It's close, level, and the east straightaway is shaded this time of morning. I continued to run 5:2 x 5 - and I think it was my best run yet. Despite the heat, and although I really needed those 2 minutes walks, I believe my cadence is improving. And NO twinges in either calf! I did get some tightness in my adductor and distal quad again on the right side about half way through- but I can't remember at what point it abated. 

This morning, it's Magellan's turn to be a dickity-dunce. I can't upload from the watch to the website. I am able to see the run on the watch however, and it's telling me that during my running times, I was hitting an 88-93 cadence.  Yay!

oOOoOh.. what a little head I have.

My heart rate got a little high (182) at one point, so I slowed down. At the end of a five minute run I was usually around 170-172 - and the 2 minute walk got me back down to around 132. I found that if I exhaled longer and slower, I could bring my heart rate down faster. I think that's a meditative trick I read about once upon a time.

And since I've been back running, I've ditched the capris for shorts. This is the first time since I started running that I feel comfortable in them. I have no idea why. I've alternated using compressions, and I still feel I have an edge when I wear them.

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