Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm home and pain free

What a great week I had with my sisters in Minnesota! It's always a good thing to spend time with family. And nature.

Me with Pokey the ball python

3 of 4 dogs

My niece with 1 of 7 goats, and many chickens.
I did not take pics of the horses or cows.

Looking at the lake and lower 40 from the living room

I did some reading about gluten free eating, and dog psychology. (I know, random, right? I have varied interests.)

I did 3 days of P90X with my sister and BIL. I biked 9 miles. I walked for 5 hours at the Mall of America. I also walked/ran the 'I Love Burnsville' 5k with my sisters. I wasn't dressed to run, as I was going to take pics and cheer. But when I saw my sisters putting on their bibs, I didn't want to be left behind. I was debating back and forth about it, not wanted to go against Dr's. orders. I figured the walking wouldn't hurt. (But I knew in my heart that I would test the running waters..!)  I didn't have my watch, but I did have my phone, so at least I had Runmeter. My running sis PR'd for a 5k, and my other sister tried her hand at adding running to her walking in this, her first 5k! We did it together, and came in at 41 minutes. The last time she walked 3 miles, she did it in 50 minutes. We are very happy for her!

Before the race

My calf has improved tremendously since the last treatment I had. I iced and stretched, and at today's appointment, I was pain free during the Stim/laser and active release.  Prior treatments were hell on earth as far as pain. I'm talking a 7-8 out of 10. Today, nada. I'm beyond delighted. I was given some warm up exercises for before a run and we reviewed my post run stretching. I was stretching everything except the muscle we think I tore a bit, the soleus. Now, I'll be adding that stretch, too.                                                                         

Icing and elevating. With newly painted toenails.

I stood on a laser platform that measured the weight bearing through my feet and lower extremities. It seems I'm putting too much weight on the outside of my feet when I stand. The program that analyzed it said I was moderately pronated (although I would call that supinated) and needed orthotics, but he felt the shoes I'm running in are fine. He said that 10/12 people who tested positive for pronation, he's really only fit 1 person for orthotics as a result of using this piece of equipment.

I'm also allowed to start running again! I'm to run 3 times before the final appointment next Monday. 30 minutes total tomorrow, run 10min, walk 2min - repeat. I'm to add 5 minutes each run thereafter.

I'm so hoping this is the end of it. I want to officially start my half marathon training in July. My goal is still to come in under 2 hours.

Bike Ride

I Love Burnsville! 5k Run/Walk

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  1. Alright!! I'm excited for you! Take it easy at first. I'm not surprised about the supination. I'm quite sure I am the same...genetics.


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