Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Road Ride of the season

This certainly picked up my spirits. I feel able-bodied again. I'm not sure whether to continue to post here while I'm not running, or start a cycling blog. Or just keep to myself. At this point in time, the benefits I'm getting from cardio are what motivates me the most, not so much needing the blog to hold me accountable anymore. But I still love to share, to be part of a culture.
I had no calf pain at all cycling, just some bilateral distal ITB pain, but that's corrected once I change my knee position during hip flexion. My low back is weak, but that will improve too.

Last year by the end of the season I was riding 25 miles under 2 hrs. I'll get there again.

My final visit with the sports doc is tomorrow. I think his plan of running was a little too ambitious.  I'll suggest starting out again on a track, or treadmill, and start out maybe with a walk/run of 2'/2' or 5'/2' instead of 2'/10'. Meanwhile, the cycling will work beautifully to keep my endurance steady. I'll give myself another 2 weeks, maybe 3 of cycling only, then integrate the running back in. I've already paid for the Diva half in October. I don't know quite how that's going to pan out yet. It might be a walk/run.

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  1. Sorry you are having to to through all this. I can imagine your frustration all too well.

    It's great you can enjoy the cycling.

    Please keep posting...other people can benefit from seeing how you get through this...happens all the time

    I would also make some summary postings from time to time that people can find via google search (titles like: "Dealing with Calf Strains", etc ) so others can see what worked and what didn't work for you.

    It's one of the great things about the intertubes 8)

    1. Thanks, Paul. It is frustrating. Especially when I was starting to get faster. The cycling isn't as fulfilling for me, but it's so good for my spirit to know that I'm still taking care of myself.

      What a great idea about the summaries. I enjoy coming up with pun-like titles, but being a resource for others seems a little more noble! Thank you! :)


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