Saturday, June 22, 2013

Finally a return to running with mixed results

I was pretty nervous setting out to the track this morning. I had laid my gear out the night before, just like I used to do the night before my long runs, (which seem SO far away right now!)
I filled my water bottle with half coconut water and half filtered tap. I had my usual cup of coffee and a 1/4 of a P90X bar. I think I was too nervous to eat.
I programmed Runmeter to alert me for running every 5 mins, and walking 2 min, x 5, with a 5 minute walk warm up.

The track had only 2 people on it, but there were technical folk all around setting up for graduation. Speakers, podiums, chairs and the like were being diligently attended to. I was concerned briefly that they might ask us to leave, but that never happened. I guess we were there early enough.

I had never paid more attention to my posture during a run as I did during this one. After the last 2 days of my right leg feeling leaden at times, I wonder if indeed all this stems from some kind of spinal nerve root issue. I kept up my stretching, and last night I took the advice of a co-worker and did some extension exercises, even thought I had no idea if I had a slipped disk or not. They didn't incur additional symptoms, but they didn't improve the way I felt either. I did some standing lateral glides, which I thought PERHAPS made me feel better. The heaviness on my right is so subtle. I knew immediately after that first stretch a week ago that I was back to ''normal" - but after things started stiffening up gradually again, I have yet to get back to that state.

The return to running went well. My plan was to pace the runs at 10:30, but apparently by body had other plans.  My average pace during the 5 minute runs was between 8:20 and 9:20. Needless to say I was pretty pleased as Runmeter chirped the faster paces to me. I was TIRED though. The 2 minute walks seemed just long enough, but I did find myself looking forward to them a bit too fervently.

I had some leaden feeling with hip flexion on the right, and for 200 meters or so, I felt my Achilles tendon complain a bit. As long as my calf did not tighten up, I kept moving.

I stretched diligently at the car before driving home, making sure to finish my coconut water.

Since I've been home, my hamstring and adductor feel tight and heavy, and I've resisted sitting since that seems to make it worse. I've set up my computer to accommodate standing.

My work schedule sucks, as I have an 8:00 am patient on my home care (running) mornings. This looks like it will go on for another month. One can argue that I should just get my ass out of the house at 6:00am. We'll see how badly I want it.
Tomorrow perhaps I'll take the bike down to the Wantagh trail. One of my high school friends told me the path now takes you right to the boardwalk at Jones Beach! I think I might need the ocean.

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  1. Ok well that seemed to work well. Careful with the fast paces though.

    You did foam roller after the run, right? (You didn't mention that in your otherwise carefully recording of events)

    I have found static stretching to be useless for me. I only do active exercises that work muscles to get more range of motion. And I am in love with my foam roller both before a run if I am tight in the morning and for sure afterward..feels so good! I think I would marry the thing if that was allowed ;)

    I like the standup desk. I wish I could easily flip my stuff but it's too messy a setup.

    I think things are pretty normal given how long you've been out.

    1. Paul,
      I used the roller on my calf, but although the adductor and hamstring felt tight, they were not spasmed. I'm pretty sure it was radicular pain I was feeling, so any form of rolling or even massage would not help that. The sport doc gave me active warm up exercises which I did before I left, and did not blog about! I've also added soleus stretches afterward - everything felt pretty good when I stretched at the car after the run.
      Thank you for keeping in touch!


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