Friday, June 21, 2013

Hmm.. fizzytastyminerals..

I received my Endurolytes by Hammer yesterday, and took one of those fizzy tabs in an ice cold glass of water. It was lemon-lime. Not bad at all. I'll take one with me today for work. I'll be getting up early on Saturday and getting out to a local track to slowly ease myself into running again. The weather looks to be fine, but with 11 mph winds. That's ok about the wind, I'm not running for speed.

My resting heart rate is 66-68 instead of 52-56. I guess that's to be expected after not running for 2 months.
My whole R leg still feels as if it's not working right. Sort of lagging behind, ever so slightly. Even the stretching doesn't seem to do the trick. I can't achieve that same ease of motion and buoyancy again as I had early on with the stretching.  Trying to stay positive!
Over and out.

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  1. Hey there, finally getting to read what's been happening.
    This mystery of yours is challenging..that's for sure.

    We have some friends that are in their 60's that developed some foot problems and other muscle problems, pains, etc. It turned out that they were mineral deficient (!). Apparently as you get older your uptake is less efficient, and in their case they were drinking some fancy spring water that was low on minerals.

    Hard to believe but the doctor prescribed similar stuff to what you are taking I think and......niggles all gone!

    My Dr told me when I turned 50 (he was a 70 yr triathlete) to start taking a vitamin/mineral supplement...which I have done since. I eat to get lots of natural sources too, but even so he said better safe than sorry.
    (As runners we probably need more than the average person.) resting HR goes right up when I stop running for a while too...

    Enjoy the running! Your muscle memory has faded..but don't worry that comes back quickly (as I am sure you know).


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