Friday, October 26, 2012

and it keeps getting better...

I took the day off of work today to hang with my sisters. One came up from Minnesota to help care for the other who just had surgery. So, with the pressure of no work today, I was able to plan for a 5 miler, just around my neighborhood. It was cool but humid this morning, and as I approached the 2 mile point, I realized that I could do the 5. I had no where to be except picking up my sister in a few hours. We were going to The Runners Shop in Huntington, NY to shop for a larger pair of sneaks for me. Apparently, my feet swell during longer runs, and that was probably the cause of my blisters and throbbing, painful toes. But I digress..

By mile 4, I was feeling pretty good, and I was very happy that I knew I was going to get to 5.  Especially since I was running around trying to avoid all the crews in the streets. There were Cable and LIPA trucks all around - I'm assuming to make sure things were secure as possible before the storm hits. At about 5.5 miles, I glanced at my watch, and saw that I just might make a new PR for a 10k if I picked up my pace a bit.  I was quite thrilled to have accomplished just that. Could it have been just that attempted tempo the day before that gave me the oomph to give it my all? Very interesting if that was in fact the case.


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