Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Final Choice..

I love gadgets. It's such a simple part of who I am.  Besides wanting to drop a few pounds, look better, feel good, and be able to eat what I want - I found that running also afforded me another reason to get me with some gadgets.
Metrics and more metrics. All those numbers and times and miles and heart rates and inclinations.. they are all about me and the latest effort I put forth to redefine myself. Watch how I change!  How I get better!  Or, how I failed; what happened?  How did today's effort compare to my previous ones? I can honestly say that I doubt I would be as dedicated to running as I am if it weren't for my metrics.  I even love to say the word, 'metric'.  Don't get me wrong, though. There have been times in my very short running career of 7 months, that I've actually caught myself  with a stupid grin on my face as I found myself relaxing into a comfortable gait during mile 2 (it's always during the second mile).  The runner's high? Elusive to me, it seems. But the gratification of  plopping my tired, sweaty ass in front of my computer when I get home, download the information from my favorite gps watch, and decipher the actual event is possibly, for me, better than a runner's high.

After trying three gps watches, here is my final choice:

The Magellan Switch Up!


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