Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sister Power..

I ended up with a pair of Brooks Glycerin. Size 6.5. I told the woman in the store what my problem was, she put me on the treadmill in front of the camera with my old sneaks, then compared it to me running in the new ones. I was surprised that my heel did not come out of the larger pair when I ran. I was also surprised by the way the newer pair slightly corrected my medial heel whip. I was sold. I couldn't wait to try them on the road. We picked up some other items. I had a $20 dollar off coupon I picked up from the Cow Harbor 10k - so that came in handy.

My sister and I went out to Bayville and we were going to start together, and obviously run and finish separately. My sister runs about 2.5 min/mile faster than I do, so I knew that going into it. I would never ask her to slow down for me just so we could run together. As far as I was concerned, we WERE running together, but doing our own thing.

Because of the 10k I ran yesterday, and the fact that I had no rest in between, I knew going into this run that I was only going once around the approximate 3 mile route. What I hadn't planned, was that I was going to pull it out at the end again, and achieve another PR. I finally broke that elusive sub-28 min 5k time. Booyah.

Then, as I was waiting for my sister to come around again, I decided to video her coming back.

So, what's the deal? It couldn't be that one silly quasi-tempo run I did 2 days ago. Maybe it was that I held my sister in my sights 1/2 to 3/4 a mile ahead of me on the straights. Or maybe it was that yesterday I had also pulled out all the guns at the end of the run. Does it carry over that quickly?

My Glycerins felt fine - but I didn't go as far this run, so I was unable to test just how good my toes were supposed to feel running in them after 6 miles. Plenty of time for that. I was happy that my sister, my mentor in running, was with me when I finally came in under 28 minutes. The time? 27:19. Go me.


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