Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Taper commitment fail.

I forgot to check the weather this morning.
But it was cool, no breeze, and dry!
I thought I would do 4 miles easy at 70%.
It turned out that I kept changing my mind the whole time!
You can see this as reflected by the graph.
I have a commitment problem, most obviously. 
I'd probably be a better runner if I could stick to a plan.

So, for months I thought that my half marathon was the first Saturday in October. I'll cut myself some slack and not worry TOO much about my memory issues.
No, it's the first SUNDAY in October. Therefore, I have an extra day of rest. So, hopefully if it's not too warm Thursday, I'll do some speed work. Thanks, Karl!
And it looks like it will still be windy on Sunday.


  1. I wouldn't close out with speed work. Just a nice, easy 3-5 mile run, depending upon how you feel, and then two rest days. Good luck

    1. I agree - speed work won't do anything more for you at this point except to invite an injury. You can do a few strides before the race to activate your speed. The best thing to do now is rest and let the result of your training rebuild muscle so you'll peak on Sunday. Also, don't make the mistake of going for an "easy" run on Saturday because you feel energized. Bank that energy! I've learned that lesson the hard way.

    2. I just came back from a not-so-easy run.. I was unable again to find and maintain an accurate pace per mile. But, I'm done for now. I certainly won't run again before the race.
      I have to remember I'm running this HM just to finish.


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