Thursday, October 10, 2013

Back at it..

55°, ENE 11,  84% H,  UV 0,  Dp 50

After taking a well needed rest for the first part of the week, I decided to get out there this morning. I really had very little discomfort. I was just weary.  I could not keep my eyes open past 9:00 pm each night, and I went back to eating bread and ice cream, like it was going out of style. Yesterday and today I've moderated more toward healthier eating, and I really needed to see how I felt running. When I woke up this morning, it hadn't started raining yet, and as a matter of fact, it felt pretty good out there. I had lots of things to do before I left for work this morning, so I decided to make my first run since my half marathon a shorty. I'd only do 3 miles at 70%. I did the 3 miles, but it was more like 80-85%. Oh well..

My heart rate shot up pretty high soon into the run, and although I tried to bring it down without having to walk, it didn't work. So, I just went with it, and ran by how I was feeling.  I believe I could have run a bit faster, but I kept waking up with a mild headache all night, and by morning, it hadn't changed. As a matter of fact, as I'm writing this, I still feel pressure and a bit of lethargy. I really don't want to take a decongestant. I know it's probably sinus related, but I'm hoping it will resolve on it's own.

My sister asked if I took any 'selfies' during my HM, and I said no - I never really like the way I look in them. So, I took one this morning. She says it's a good idea to remember how you're dressed for the weather, and it helps a lot to do this. So, here is the pic before I went out. I guess I should have also shot below the waist. Another oh well. I wore my Under Armor compression capris, compressions on my calves, and my Brooks Ravenna 4.

I love my new cap I got from the Diva expo. It's stretchy, and it really stays snug to my head. I should have bought another.

Fall is here..

I will probably do 5 slow miles on Saturday morning, weather permitting, then on Sunday, I'm going to attempt to get back out to Selden and run with the 'Hillbillies'. The group organizer recognized me during my packet pickup at the Diva expo and introduced himself to me. It was so weird to hear my name called out, when I really haven't met anyone I know devoted to running on a personal basis yet. There are still so many people I know because of blogging/Facebook that I've yet to meet! We talked about my first half, and that his wife was running her first half too, (the Entenmanns) and even though I live an hour away from the hills, they would love to have me run with them. So, I will make it out there by 8:00 am on Sunday. I hear that there will be at least another newbie to the group there also.

You know, they are talking about this being the 'off season' on their Facebook page - but I consider this my 'on season'! Fall and early winter last year is when I made most of my progress as a runner. The cool weather does this for me. I raced into December, and then February into March. I PR'd a 5k then in April. Does anyone also feel that this is off season? Maybe I was fortunate that the weather was mild last year? 

Right now I've got the voices of the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona as ambient noise. They are doing sound and video tests in one of my browser tabs. I imagine pretty soon there will be an Internet press conference. The race is this Saturday, starting at noon eastern time. They will be broadcasting online here. I'm going to watch as much as I can. I think I would one day like to do a tri. I can swim. I can bike. And now I know I can run. I find it much more appealing than a full marathon, at least right now in my short running career. I already know someone who has done a tri, so if I ever feel compelled, I can get some great advice.

I have to run, as I'm going to take my daughter out for sushi tonight for her birthday.  I still can't believe I have a 28 year old daughter. Sheesh.


  1. I've had a similar experience this week with pressure headaches. Maybe it is the weather. Nice return to the road. I envy your bias toward running faster than intended. Sadly, I'm just the opposite.

    The hill running club sounds great and I compliment you for doing that. My introversion holds me back from joining group activities like that, although I know they're really fun and beneficial.

    Happy birthday to your daughter! We're celebrating my son's 14th this weekend.

  2. Thank you, ER..Happy Birthday to your son as well!
    I am stepping out of my comfort zone quite a bit by joining this group. On Facebook they seem like such a fun bunch. They practice on the track as well. I can maybe run with them 2x a month - it will get expensive for me otherwise. As it is now, I go out that way on Mondays to teach, and I'm looking forward to not having to drive out there when the semester ends.


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