Saturday, October 26, 2013

A new route!

38 °, WSW 4,  72% H,  UV 0, Dp 30° 

The coldest morning I've run in so far this autumn. I wore my long pant, 1 tech shirt, 1 tech pullover, gloves, and my cotton gator. It was pretty much perfect.  I knew I was going for an adventure today, running Sea Cliff's hills. I took the road I came across a few days ago. Half way down, I was able to over look Hempstead Harbor to the north, the orange and pink glow settling above the horizon. It made me smile. So did the downhill. I pushed the thought out of my head that I'd have to come UP that hill on the way back.

The route took me down yet another hill which would wind it's way down to the water. There I would run past Sea Cliff beach, the yacht club, and the marinas. I saw the sunfish sailboat that I had gotten from a patient several years ago. It was in need of repair which I did not have the skills for - so I donated it to the sailing school at the beach.  He looks fine and well sitting with the rest of them in their respective racks.

The traffic was light as  I made my way down to the end of Shore Road before turning around and headed back. I slowed down, or tried to - as I knew I had those two hills to climb. I wanted to stop and take more pictures, but I knew I had to get home and get ready for the ride out east. Plus, my sister was running a 10 miler Monster Dash ( How can a dash be 10 miles, I wonder..) and I wanted to at least follow her for the start of that.

My performance was only fair.  I had a burrito right before bed last night - (my daughter and her friends brought it back for me, and they eat later than I do) - and I think wearing all those clothes for the first time made me feel constricted. I also weight trained shoulders and arms yesterday after work. I've been up since 4:00 am - the excitement of a new route and catching the bus for the wine tour today kept my brain churning away once I left what I would guess was my final REM sleep of the night. Yeah, I'm just LOOKING for excuses, aren't I ?!  :)
Oh, and I bought Gevalia coffee for a change up.  Delightful.

Get a gander at that hill. The two blended together. The flat is along the shore.
Ok - I have to run.  Hopefully tomorrow, Selden.


  1. God bless you! A burrito the night before a run? I wouldn't even dare.

    Route looks beautiful and challenging.

  2. Geez. 4:00 AM start, all those hills and then a wine tour. You must be exhausted. Good coffee solves a lot of life's problems. Nice work today!

  3. What are you and ER doing on Sunday? There's some event going on in the city. Do you guys want to see a little bit with us either in Queens or Da Bronx?

  4. Love them burr-eatos! UP at 4am!?! Not me! 8)


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