Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blogging: 1 year Anniversary!

61°,  SW 5,  93% H,  UV 0,    Dp 59

It was not as nice a running morning as it was on Tuesday. The sleep I got, despite the fact that it was dandy - didn't help. All my joints were achy this morning - especially my right knee.  I think I'm going to attribute that to the Carvel hot fudge sundae I had at work yesterday. Sugar OVERLOAD. I had a huge panini also, which was delicious - but I stopped eating that much bread at one time a while ago. I'm wondering how much of an effect it had on the way I'm feeling today.

Most of my paperwork for the week is done, except for the 10 or so papers I have to 'grade' for Monday. I think I'll take care of that after my race on Saturday.

I was feeling pretty unmotivated this morning, probably because of the way I felt physically. I wore a sleeveless shirt, and I still felt warm. My BT headset crapped out in the middle of the run. I was planning for 3 miles, didn't quite make it. I was feeling that lousy.

I just want the blue line on these graphs to be in a somewhat straight line. Is that even possible? I don't think this one is too bad today, however, except toward the end, when I realized just how HUMID it felt.

Happy Anniversary to me!   1 full year of blogging.. 
1 yr 7 months of running!


  1. Congrats on your first anniversary of blogging! Hope you enjoy many more!

  2. Congratulations on your blogaversary! Now you can do a, "One year ago on the Petite Pacer" feature. The best part of having a corpus of posts is that you can quickly look back and see what you were doing this time last year.

    Let's hope for decent weather at the TOB 5K. It's always chilly the morning of that race. I tend to huddle in the small registration building to keep warm before the start. Remember, once you get halfway, it's all (mostly) downhill from there.

    1. Thank you, ER.. you know, you were the inspiration for me starting my blog. When I began running, I read yours exclusively for a month or two before I started to search for others.
      I think it's going to be a nice morning - although I hope less humid than today. I will try to find you!

    2. You've done an impressive job with your blog and I'm sure it serves as a motivator to many. I've enjoyed following your great progress! See you Sat...

  3. Congrats on your Anniversary! It is amazing the difference what you eat makes in how you feel!

    1. THanks, Kathy! Now, If i can just associate feeling lousy with LOOKING at the bad stuff, I can probably break my addiction to it!.


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