Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ahhh.. that's better.

 My original plan for this weekend was to bike 25 miles, but I don't like riding on wet roads. I watched my sister run a 10k yesterday over the Internet, and that helped decide that this morning I would try a brief run around the hood to test out my calf. I fueled up like I normally would have, and waited for the showers to end. When the sky turned light grey, I left the house, saying a silent prayer hoping things were back to normal. By the first quarter mile, the sun had burst through the early morning rain clouds, and by half a mile in, there was blue sky everywhere! I was willing myself to believe this would portend a good first run after racing on a bum calf 7 days ago.

Just minor right hip twinges which I could shake off by relaxing my legs. I felt I had to shorten my stride. Why was I running on my heels? I haven't taken such large strides since I started running a year ago. Cardiovascularly I felt weak. Boy, how fast things change. I needed to walk for a bit, because I should not have run under 9:30 the first mile. 
But, my calf was pain free to run on, just still tender to palpation. My hip is still bothering me as I sit and write this. I stopped just when I should have.

Next race is a 5k in Minnesota with my sisters! 

Good Mother's Day morning!

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  1. That right hip could be out of line because of the calf muscle injury. Check it out with your colleagues at work.

    1. Yes, I think it started because I was hesitant to push off on the right. Once I settled in after a mile, it had stopped, and now as I'm responding to this, there is nothing.

  2. Oh that's a good point from Anon.

    Do you wear calf compression sleeves? I swear by them. Extremely useful during recovery from a pull too. (also good for holding ice next to sore spot 8)

    1. I LOVE my compression stockings. I've just ordered a second pair, as a matter of fact. A lighter color for the summer. :)
      I wore them for the first 3 days after my injury!

  3. Sounds like you're on the road to recovery! Fingers crossed!


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